Name: Joyce Poh
School: Singapore Polytechnic
Course: Dip in Music and Audio Technology (Yr3)
Age: 19
DateOfBirth: 27October1988

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People who cares
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Unappreciative ppl
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World War/Home War
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Peace & Harmony
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Happy and more energetic

Dear Diary,

I failed again.. oh gosh.. what the hell has happened to me this year?

everything seems to go wrong for me =(

what the fucking hell..

Dear Diary,

I'm going MAD from the shitty loads of projects and assignments!! most stressful thing is a few more hours i'll be retaking my 2nd driving test!! please pray hard i will pass!! if not tmr sure die one.. got 2 projects to do after the test.. please..i dun want to be like last monday!! 2nd big blow to me..please GOD BUDDHA!! wish that everything will go smoothly~~~~thank you!!

stressed!! projects and all are so last minute!! all deadlines come at the same time.. i cant believe this semester is ending!!!! OMG!!!

lost faith in CO...

wad's my next motivation????


Dear Diary,

Today went gym but didnt run for very long.. cos felt so tired and breathless.. after that went shopping with shirley =) bought clothes n jeans n CNY goodies! then something really funny happened.. we went to takashimaya departmental store cos' i wanna ask the sales lady about the nail polish colour code for OPI brand.. cos' last fri went to do pedicure at Novena Sq then unknowingly my right big toe nail colour got smudged!! argh >.<"" $18!! so last week actually went to taka and asked the lady whether she know which colour is my toenail colour that they have.. then she said i have the same colour as her.. then she said something to me about "she's not really a waitress..." and i was stunned.. cos' i didnt ask her like i'm asking a waitress something.. and as she was like so eager to off work, her attitude towards a customer wasnt kind at all.. so today i went back and it was the same person..and i asked the same thing cos she only told me the colour.."deep red" but not the code or something.. and guess wad! she said the same thing about her not being a waitress.

-.- I was dumbfounded! so i clarified with her and replied "ugh?? wad waitress??" and she told me that the name of the colour!! "I'm not really a waitress" H08.. lol.. OMG!! and she said OPI is famous for these special weird! and i'm totally misunderstood then i told her i thought she was scolding me or!!

wad an embarrassment!

but they sell too ex alrdy $24.. cant believe NUS is selling that..for only $15!! so damn cheap..i'm gonna buy tmr to repair my toenail colour =(

after that I went to aljunied for a channel U news filming with mike, weikang and ridzwan.. oh man! this will be the 3rd time i'll be on tv! so excited! the person say most prob either on this coming sat 10pm channel 8 news.. or sun 7pm channel u news!! oh man.. it'll be either on CNY eve or CNY day! =DD


after that went to trim my fringe.. a bit messy le.. kef is still so kind! =)

then went chinatown for singing.. ended super late at 11pm plus.. T_T everything was delayed and i was the 3rd last person to sing -.- but i sung 我爱她 by 叮当.. this is the main theme song from the latest very super duper popular taiwan drama 下一站,幸福! i'm so damn addicted to it!!!!! felt happy for having to successfully finished watching 海派甜心 too! ^_^

ZzZz..sleepy..tmr sch again..

busy busy busy~~~~

Dear Diary,

I am almost going to burst!! Suddenly this year super good business man! so many gigs! that means more $$$! yay!! But it can be very stressful cos' have to plan my time and squeeze in all nicely till I am like running a marathon to different places. But it feels good to be packed with so many stuffs =) maybe I love to be a busy lady..rushing here n there.. exciting =)

yay..i can't wait to perform in all the gigs! but there's just one gig which i really feel uncomfortable and kinda dislike.. cos have to wear a pink tube skirt.. and the skirt is damn short.. with white long boots.. hai.. i feel that i look like a fat pig on stage wearing that.. cos my arms and thighs are huge.. and the boots get stuck halfway -.-

but then i'm still trying hard to workout my body =) have been going to the gym, running at punggol park and swimming for going 3 months alrdy! And i love going to the gym now! I love to run..listening to the dance beat music it really gives me a lot of motivation to complete my 5km. =) My aim is to lose another 5kg before CNY! jiayou joyce! I think sometimes school does help cos' wont have time to think of food..and i dont feel the urge to eat too..cos have to rush for classes and all the workload is piling up.. T_T

I wanna try for syco concerto this march =) have to jiayou le!! my new motivation for this year =)

perhaps I can still be happy without a dependent.. as i have alrdy survived and being happy for almost 5weeks alrdy. Maybe I have alrdy see things through and finally let go.. what a relief~ =)) *phew phew* I also realised that no one will care what we do.. so we have to solve our own problems and not keep on complaining to others..cos in the end we have to face the problem ourselves and overcome them. And it is really workable.. my failures like driving test.. and super bad results for 1st semester.. these are the 2 important stuffs that i have to overcome and fight! My 2nd test will be on 31March.. and this semester i am going to work even harder! focus joyce! I can do it! ^_^

I am really looking forward to a brand new start.. I want to forget about all the unhappiness and emo feeling.. and stop questioning and thinking about friendships and drowned in the confusion of relationships.. And I feel like changing my blog skin.. shall ask james to help me.. but he seems busy.. =/

anyway, today Theatre Studies practical was super relaxing and fun! we played games throughout the 2hrs.. we played the cat n mouse game, Nectar of God and counting to 21 with our eyes close. Learned about working as a group. really meaningful! =D I really hope this is what i am going to major in. =)

Today Dr Samuel Wong came down to give us a talk about chinese music. it was really enjoyable and interesting to hear how he gave his speech! lol.. this is the 2nd time i've heard him giving a talk..first was many years ago at SRSCO changi chalet..think was in 2003 or 2004? =X It seemed a bit weird cos we are colleagues teaching jps tgt =).. Anyway, I've learnt more about CO history.. which i hope to pass down the knowledge to my students.. esp jps! oh gosh.. talking about them.. we need to work harder le.. it seems that my section is the weakest. hai..syf in april.. T_T

jia you =))

New Year New Start =)

Dear Diary,

Its been so damn long since I last blogged.. anyway, today damn shagged.. just came home from 3days2nights chalet =)It's the best chalet ever so far man! I've enjoyed it so much with srsco buddies like Angie, Jason, James, Derek, Ming Kwang, Jun Jie, Yi Jia, Yik Loong and our juniors who came on the BBQ night! =))

Wanted to go on monday evening but heard that the guys are not doing much things so decided to go on tuesday afternoon instead =D heh.. then played a lot of fun games la!! I didnt know i'm afraid of balloon =X wth.. lol.. enjoyed screaming my heart out.. and all the laughter and fun!! like suddenly all my stress disappeared.. i like the summer breeze dining place =) the atmosphere was romantic with the cozy wind!! Drank a new beer.. but not really nice.. think Hoe Garden still the best.. =) tried a new alcohol milky taste.. superb! =) then wed was the best la! went to wild wild wet with Angie, Derek and James! It was so fun! All of us kena roasted in the sun! But shiok! Havent felt this happy before.. the BBQ was even better! lol.. celebrated Ming Kwang and Jason's birthdays =) then played more games after that with the juniors around, it was more fun!! ^_^

Hope to have more gatherings like this in the future!! =D heehee..

After that went to meet chujun to shop at orchard!! wheee~~ =D

then went gym to chiong again.. i've been sinned.. ate a lot during BBQ yesterday cos' bought too many food..=X

this week last week before semester 2 begins.. hope semester 2 will be a better journey for me.. must work hard and pia pia pia.. and my 2nd trial driving too!! and vocal grade 6 exam!! and aiming for syco concerto!! and so many more!! oh man.. i'm going!! =D


Dear Diary,

Happy Mooncake Festival =)